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Looking forward to Dahlia season!

I can’t wait for Dahlia season! It’s snowed pretty heavily today in Manchester covering my garden and I’ve been looking out of the window for weeks now wishing for some warm weather so I can get out in the garden. I probably won’t be able to plant Dahlias here in the North of the UK until the end of June, so will probably start last years tubers off in doors towards the end of April.

I moved house last year and went from having a tiny yard, where I had to grow my Dahlias in pots to a huge garden with lots of space. We got the keys in June 2015 and I managed to get my dahlias in the new garden (you can see 2 pics below of the new garden, versus the one pic of the old house yard).

Now I have a big garden to play with, I’ve got a bit excited and ordered 25 Dahlia cuttings from the National Dahlia Collection in the UK. I’m not a massive fan of cuttings and prefer tubers as I’ve found cutting weaker and more slower growing. However the National Dahlia Collection has a huge selection and cuttings are cheaper so I’ve decided to buy from them again. If some of the 25 cuttings don’t grow that well, it won’t matter as I already quite a lot of dahlia tubers from last year.

These are the pictures of the 25 new dahlias I’ve ordered and I can’t wait for them to arrive:


New Dahlia cuttings ordered – Feb 2015

OK so I’m bored, away from home and I’ve run out of things to Google. I’m not a big TV fan and wishing winter would pass and spring would come. So what else is there to do other than be a complete and utter garden nerd/geek and Google pretty dahlias to buy. I promised myself (and possibly my husband) that I wouldn’t buy any more as our tiny garden yard doesn’t have the capacity for any additional plants. But then I was bored plus we might be moving house this year to a property with a big garden and thought why not, so chose another 7! My thinking was that lasts years cuttings grew really slowly so they shouldn’t take up much room and hopefully we will have moved into our dream home by summer 🙂

I also said I wouldn’t buy any more cuttings as I was so disappointed with them last year. However after searching the Internet for dahlia tubers I concluded no one stocked a good range here in the UK so I gave in and bought from The National  Dahlia Collection again as they have over 1500 varieties in stock. Fingers crossed they do better this year 😉

Too many Dahlia’s to choose from!

I love looking at all the different types of Dahlias and variety of colours available. The only problem I have is deciding which ones to order. I love the cactus and decorative and pompom/ball dahlias.

I don’t really have any room for anymore as I have a tiny garden, in fact we’re looking to move house just so I can have a proper garden and fill it with Dahlias! So I shouldn’t really be buying anymore!

So I am currently looking at peachy pink coloured dahlias plus I want a white one and a yellow one There is just too many to choose from! Does anyone else think there are too many varietys and so many of them look identical! Check out the peachy pink dahlias below and how similar some of them are.

These are my favourites so far! Can’t wait for spring/summer when I can start growing my dahlias and dig out my tubers which are currently in storage.

Dahlia’s Wrong Colour & Type?

I wonder how many of you have been sent Dahlia’s the wrong colour and type? Or how many people have experienced this with other types of flowers?

I was shocked this summer, out of 13 new dahlias purchased this summer (6 tubers & 7 cuttings), at least 4 of them were the wrong colour! That is a phenomenal error. Three varieties still haven’t produced a flower yet so the result could be much worse.

I think the Quality Control (QC) and Assurance (QA) process is crazily poor, imagine buying something from a shop, getting it home and it not matching the description or colour? Yet the suppliers think this is acceptable. Taylors bulbs even holds the Royal Warrant crest, yet its QC is poor and its customer service dissapointing. See previous post where I wrote to them regarding being sent the wrong tubers:


Here are pics of dahlias I should of been sent (picture on left) versus the actual flower produced (picture on right).

Amberley Joan cutting – should have produced a pink flower – but produced a white flower

Amberley Joan Colour

Bergers Record Cutting – shows Orange flower, but it is more red (minor difference)

Bergers Record colour

Linda’s Baby Tuber – should have produced baby pink flower, instead produced minuscule purple flowers. Linda's Baby Wrong Tuber

Chocolate & Candy Tuber – Should have produce peach flowers, instead produced purple cactus style dahlias.Choc & Candy wrong tuber

Has anyone else had this problem? Is this more common than we imagined?


Taylors Bulbs – Poor quality – Wrong Dahlia Tubers

I bought 2 Linda’s Baby tubers from Taylors Bulbs (http://www.taylors-bulbs.com) from Garden4less and both produced completely different dahlias than on the packet, in terms of both color and shap. This surprised me considering Taylors website has the tag line “Quality assured since 1919″.

Lindas Baby 1

They produced tiny miniature purple flowers in the wrong colour and shape:



I wrote to Taylors bulbs and explained that the wrong Dahlias had been packaged as Linda’s baby tubers. I asked if they could provide me the name of the one that was growing as a reference for next year.

Taylors replied with a letter, which didn’t even attempt to tell me the name of the dahlia that had grown instead – despite me providing them photos for identification in my email. Then they sent me £4 of gardening vouchers that didn’t even cover the cost of the actual tubers 2 x £2.49 = £4.98.

IMG_6045-2 IMG_6047-4

I thought Taylors response was really poor. They didn’t attempt to tell me what dahlia I actually recieved and they didn’t attempt to replace the tuber with an actual pink Linda’s Baby dahlia tuber – either for this year or next year. Instead they sent me paper vouchers for less value than I paid, which are not much use when I shop online.

I think this is poor customer service for a company that was awarded a Royal Warrant as Bulb Grower to H. M. The Queen in 1985. I also think their letter demonstrates that their tag line “Quality assured since 1919″ is also not true. They make no effort to monitor or assess quality, they merely blame it on their suppliers and wash their hands of responsibility.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had quality issues with Taylors bulbs. See this previous post:




At the end of April I ordered 3 dahlia tubers from garden4less. (http://www.garden4less.co.uk) and reviewed them:

  1. Natalie G (Ball)
  2. Linda’s baby (Ball)
  3. Chocolate & Candy (Decorative)

See original post here:


I was dubious about the quality of 2 out of 3 of these tubers as they were either damaged or dryed out. However, all of them have grown, although the 2 damaged ones have grown slower than the healthy one.


  1. Natalie G (Ball)

The Natalie G tuber was damaged and when planted all the individual tubers did fall off. Despite this, the tuber has grown OK. It has produced quite a short plant as you can see from the photo, so hopefully it will produce a taller flower next year. It’s already got quite a few buds waiting to flower.

Natalie G 1Natalie G 4

IMG_5965-3 IMG_5966-4


2. Linda’s baby (Ball)

Linda’s Baby tuber was in great condition. This plant has grown at least twice as tall as the other 2 varieties of dahlias. After over 2 months in the ground, this has got quite a lot of buds on it and one looks close to flowering – though strangely it looks purple and not pink? So I’m hoping it does eventually open to produce a pink flower 🙂

Lindas Baby 1 Lindas Baby 5IMG_5967-5 IMG_5970-7


3. Chocolate & Candy (Decorative)

Both Chocolate & Candy Tubers were in poor condition, but I planted them both anyway in the same pot to see what happened. Over 2 months later, they have both produced plants, although they are quite short. There are no signs of flower buds yet, but it shouldn’t be long before they do.

Chocolate & Candy 1 Chocolate & Candy 5IMG_5962-1 IMG_5963-2


Overall, I am very happy with these 3 tubers and I can’t wait for them all to flower. Despite the condition of the tubers when they arrived, they have produced far healthier plants then the dahlia cuttings I bought from the National Dahlia Collection. So in future I will definitely buy dahlia tubers again and not cuttings.


So in part-1 I showed the 7 dahlia cuttings which I ordered from the ‘National Dahlia Collection’ (http://www.national-dahlia-collection.co.uk/en/).

These arrived 28th April 2014, so one month on, how are the cuttings doing?

1. Alvas Doris (Small cactus)

2. Amberley Joan (Small Decorative)

3. Amorangi Joy (Small Cactus)

4. Bergers Record (Medium Semi-Cactus)

5. Dahlia Clair Obscur (Small Cactus)

6. Firebrand (Small Cactus)

7. Mini Red (Miniature Cactus)

Well 2 of the cuttings are doing very well and are now outdoors, but the other 5 are a bit mixed. They’re either small and not growing much or look a bit ‘weak and thin’. Now I’m not sure if that if my fault as I have only ever grown dahlias from tubers before, or if the conditions are not right? I have now ‘disbudded’ the cuttings to try and encourage lateral growth and I’m hoping they start to look better.

Firstly the 2 strongest cuttings are the 2 orange/orange-red varieties:

4. Bergers Record (Medium Semi-Cactus)

Dahlia bergers-record (Medium Semi-Cactus) 30694. Bergers record 24. Bergers record 3

6. Firebrand (Small Cactus)

Strangely, even though this is looking great, it looks like it has developed a bud already? It seems far too short to have a bud – perhaps all small cactus dahlias are short? I’m new to this so have no idea.

Dahlia firebrand (Small Cactus) 2630 6. Firebrand 6. Firebrand 3


Now onto the 5 cuttings that aren’t doing so well 1 month on. I did try putting these outside during the day, and then bringing them back in at night time over the last week, but they looked to be deteriorating with pale leafs etc. So I have brought these 5 dahlia cuttings back indoors full-time until they become stronger.:

1. Alvas Doris (Small cactus)

This is cutting that has struggled the most and didn’t have a root system when it arrived. It has grown in the last month, but incredibly slowly. I’d read that cuttings thrive and grow much quicker than tubers, but I’m not sure that is always true from my limited experience.

Dahlia Alvas Doris (Small Cactus) 2603 1. Alvas Doris 1. Alvas Doris 2Though Alvas Doris has made progress from when it first arrived a month ago 🙂


2. Amberley Joan (Small Decorative)

Amberley Joan Dahlia is also very slow growing after a month. It is also growing rather peculiarly, in that one large leaf has grown to one side but not the other? I regularly turn the plants so this shouldn’t be due to its positioning.

Dahlia Amberley Joan (Small Decorative) 1016 2. Amberley Joan 2. Amberley Joan 2

3. Amorangi Joy (Small Cactus)

Amorangi Joy is produces a  yellow cactus dahlia, but currently looks tall and dangly. It isn’t a tall as the picture suggests, it’s probably 30 cm at most. I have dis-budded this and I’m hoping it branches out. Looking at this cutting makes me feel completely inept with dahlia cuttings! I have no idea what to do with it to make it stronger and healthier. Dahlia Tubers put out multiple stems, but with a cutting you only have 1 stem? I’m hoping dis-budding improves the appearance of this dahlia, otherwise I will reverting back to dahlia tubers next year.

Dahlia Amorangi Joy (Small Cactus) 2725  3. Dahlia Amorangi Joy 3 3. Dahlia Amorangi Joy 2

5. Dahlia Clair Obscur (Small Cactus)

Dahlia Clair Obsur is similar to the other cuttings, not looking too strong.

Dahlia Clair Obscur (Small cactus) 2578 5. Clair Obscur 5. Clair Obscur 2

7. Mini Red (Miniature Cactus)

Mini-Red Dahlia looks messy and again with the other cuttings, seemed to deteriorate when I put it outside.

Dahlia_Mini Red (Miniture Cactus) 2808 7. Mini Red 7. Mini Red 2

I will update you in a month or 2 once these dahlias have made more progress. I’m hoping they work out well and produce strong healthy flowers and tubers for next year. If not I will be sticking to Dahlia tubers and giving cuttings a miss in future. But watch this space and lets see what happens first 🙂