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15 Apr 2014 – Growing Dahlia Tubers indoors

This year I decided to take Dahlia growing a bit more seriously and I started my Dahlia Tubers off indoors to give them a kick start. I’m starting a new job in May in which I will  be working away from home a lot, so I wanted to put as much love and care into starting my Dahlia before I disappeared.

I dug up 4 Tuber mounds from 2 Dahlia varieties in Oct/Nov 2013 (1x Boom Boom Red Ball Dahlia; 1 x Unknown which I bought a few years ago). I split the tubers in Oct/Nov 2013 and completely forgot to label them. Consequently I now have 12 tubers and no idea how many for each variety! So I will wait till they flower and keep 2 of each variety and give the remaining 8 plants away to friends and family.

I started off the tubers in a plastic tray in march, then transplanted the quick growing healthy ones into 8 inch pots after a few weeks. 7 of 12 grew very quickly, but 5 were rather slow growing and these were left in the tray. I have no idea why some are slower growing than others, perhaps the slower ones are from the different Dahlia variety? Its difficult to tell at the moment as the leaves look identical.


IMG_5761 IMG_5760