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Whitefriars 9566 stem bud vases

I have recently started collecting a new variety of stem bud vases which I love. They were made by the British company Whitefriars between 196o and 1980 I believe, until the company closed in 1980. I love their uniformity and classic elegance, I think they look modern despite their age, and I just love the fact they’re British as most of my other stem bud vases are most probably made in Europe. The pattern number of this vase is 9566 and so far I believe it comes in 10 colour as follows (message me if you know of more!):

  1. Artic Blue
  2. Ocean Green
  3. Twilight
  4. Flint (clear)
  5. Silver
  6. Aqua
  7. Gold or Amber
  8. Tangerine
  9. Kingfisher blue/dark blue
  10. Sky Blue

I think I have found the first 8 of these colours though it’s hard to tell if my 3 orange ones are different? i.e. I think 2 are Tangerine and 2 are gold? My aqua one had a bad chip. And I haven’t found the last 2 colours yet. I’ve also heard rumours of 2 other colours on glass forums, but seen no evidence to suggest these additional colours were ever produced before the factory closed in 1980.

This Summers Dahlias (2014) – Tiny to Huge!

Here are some of the Dahlias growing in my garden this summer.

These include Strawberry Ice Dinner Plate Dahlia (the largest pink Dahlia), Firebrand Cactus (Orange), Natal pompom and Purple Gem.

I think the Dahlias, Stem Bud vases and glass shelf make the perfect combination for the summer.

New Window Shelf for Bubble Stem Bud Vases

As my Bubble Stem/Bud Vase collection has recently expanded, my husband suggested getting a window shelf. I wasn’t sure at first as I hadn’t seen one before. I did some research on the internet and found one or two example which you can see at the bottom of this post.

We decided to buy a bespoke made one from Cheadle Glass in Greater Manchester for less than £50. There was a few hitches with the order but we picked it up today and my husband fitted it. I love it – it shows on my stem vases beautifully – so a great gift from my husband 🙂

Here is my window shelf and my Stem Vase Collection.

Some other Window Shelf ideas I found on the internet:

Single flower stems, Stem Vases and test tubes

I love single stem flowers and before my wedding I investigated loads of options. I came across green vintage bottles, single stem bud vases, bubble vases and test tube racks.

Being a scientist, the test tubes rack appealed to me 🙂

I also started collecting stem bud bubble vases which you can see from my previous post here:

What’s your favourite way to display your flowers?

Bud / Stem Bubble vase collection increasing!

I bought my first Bubble Stem / Bud vase in 2011 when I was looking for ideas for my wedding table decorations. I liked the idea of having 1 big high-impact flower per vase and bought a few bubble stem/bud vases. In the end I used old vintage green bottles in the picture below.
Stem Vases

After the wedding I still loved the bubble Stem / Bud vases so carried on buying them. I believe they originate from the 60’s/70’s. I have found a few in charity shops, but most of them I have bought of ebay. I now have over 70 vases.