Bubble Stem/Bud Vases

I started collecting Stem Vases in 2011, little did I know then how addictive they would be come, or how many varieties exist. I only collect those with a clear straight stems, i.e. I don’t like colored stems or curved stems. I have tried to collect 3 of each colour, but have found purple and teal coloured vases quite rare. The turquoise and peach varieties tend to be quite common and that is the colour I began my collection with, before extending it with green and red vases.


IMG_2972 IMG_3022 IMG_3059


My current collection now contains 50+ stem vases


IMG_5772-3 IMG_5777-8 IMG_5778-9 IMG_5780-11 IMG_5781-12 IMG_5782-13

For more information about the history and the different varieties in terms of different stems, shapes, sizes, colours etc. see the glassbudvases website, which is a great source of information. Pat has more than 450 vases!   http://www.glassbudvases.co.uk/

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