I am a 33 year old female from Manchester, UK and I have an obsession with colour and fell in love with Dahlias and stem vases. Naturally I think the two go perfectly together, afterall such a beautiful flower deserves a beautiful vase.

I purchased my first 2 Dahlia tubers in 2010 and had no knowledge about Dahlias and consequently left them in there pots over winter and they rotted. Since then I have become obsessed with splitting tubers and this spring (2014) I’ve purchased 9 additional dahlias for my teeny-tiny back yard!

I purchased my first stem-vase in 2011, while trying to find unusual table decorations/displays for my upcoming 2012 wedding. My collection quickly grew and I now have 50+ stem vases. I’m very picky about my vases and only collect those with clear straight stems.

When I’m not obsessing about colour or making my house look pretty, I’m working hard in business, running to keep fit or scuba diving (and taking colourful pictures of marine fish and coral).



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2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi There. I’m daft about Dahlias too. Firstly, I would never buy stock through the post. Go to a grower and get fresh, healthy cuttings that are potted on and well rooted instead of dried out/rotten rubbish that’s been stored in a dry warehouse through the winter. Don’t rush to plant out. Leave a year and thin out if slow to come on. Pinch out stems that are supporting side buds to encourage vertical growth. One bud is enough in the early years for tall vases display. They thrive on consistency and stress like other plants when conditions are unsuitable.

    It’s a waiting game. Be prepared to give a lot of attention early on and you will be handsomely rewarded. Stems longer than 18″ in the first year will need staking and add pressure on the plant to produce food so they will need at least 6 hours a day full sunshine to remain healthy.

    1. Thanks for the message, I don’t think I have any local growers here in the NorthWest of the UK.
      When you say don’t rush to plant out, leave a year and thin out. Do you mean leave them in pots outdoors?
      Any other tips very welcome đŸ™‚

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