Dahlia Wedding Bridal Bouquet ideas

I love Dahlias – so it was only natural I would include them in my bridal wedding bouquet. I got married at the end of May which is early in the Dahlia season, so I think my florist struggled to get the variety of dahlias I would have liked to have seen – especially as I live in the North of the UK, so its even harder to find dahlias so early in the year.

My bouquet also contained Peonies which are gorgeous. My bouquet was pink and purple. Look at the ideas below if you’re thinking of having dahlias for your special day 😀


Too many Dahlia’s to choose from!

I love looking at all the different types of Dahlias and variety of colours available. The only problem I have is deciding which ones to order. I love the cactus and decorative and pompom/ball dahlias.

I don’t really have any room for anymore as I have a tiny garden, in fact we’re looking to move house just so I can have a proper garden and fill it with Dahlias! So I shouldn’t really be buying anymore!

So I am currently looking at peachy pink coloured dahlias plus I want a white one and a yellow one There is just too many to choose from! Does anyone else think there are too many varietys and so many of them look identical! Check out the peachy pink dahlias below and how similar some of them are.

These are my favourites so far! Can’t wait for spring/summer when I can start growing my dahlias and dig out my tubers which are currently in storage.