Taylors Bulbs – Poor quality – Wrong Dahlia Tubers

I bought 2 Linda’s Baby tubers from Taylors Bulbs (http://www.taylors-bulbs.com) from Garden4less and both produced completely different dahlias than on the packet, in terms of both color and shap. This surprised me considering Taylors website has the tag line “Quality assured since 1919″.

Lindas Baby 1

They produced tiny miniature purple flowers in the wrong colour and shape:



I wrote to Taylors bulbs and explained that the wrong Dahlias had been packaged as Linda’s baby tubers. I asked if they could provide me the name of the one that was growing as a reference for next year.

Taylors replied with a letter, which didn’t even attempt to tell me the name of the dahlia that had grown instead – despite me providing them photos for identification in my email. Then they sent me £4 of gardening vouchers that didn’t even cover the cost of the actual tubers 2 x £2.49 = £4.98.

IMG_6045-2 IMG_6047-4

I thought Taylors response was really poor. They didn’t attempt to tell me what dahlia I actually recieved and they didn’t attempt to replace the tuber with an actual pink Linda’s Baby dahlia tuber – either for this year or next year. Instead they sent me paper vouchers for less value than I paid, which are not much use when I shop online.

I think this is poor customer service for a company that was awarded a Royal Warrant as Bulb Grower to H. M. The Queen in 1985. I also think their letter demonstrates that their tag line “Quality assured since 1919″ is also not true. They make no effort to monitor or assess quality, they merely blame it on their suppliers and wash their hands of responsibility.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had quality issues with Taylors bulbs. See this previous post:




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