New Window Shelf for Bubble Stem Bud Vases

As my Bubble Stem/Bud Vase collection has recently expanded, my husband suggested getting a window shelf. I wasn’t sure at first as I hadn’t seen one before. I did some research on the internet and found one or two example which you can see at the bottom of this post.

We decided to buy a bespoke made one from Cheadle Glass in Greater Manchester for less than £50. There was a few hitches with the order but we picked it up today and my husband fitted it. I love it – it shows on my stem vases beautifully – so a great gift from my husband 🙂

Here is my window shelf and my Stem Vase Collection.

Some other Window Shelf ideas I found on the internet:


9 thoughts on “New Window Shelf for Bubble Stem Bud Vases”

  1. Your vase collection is outstanding – flowers too. However my interest is the beautiful, colorful controlled bubble vases. My goal is to add more colors, shapes, and heights as I collect. Other than eBay …. where do I look and what’s a decent price?

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. Most of mine have come from ebay, though with the postage costs rising, prices have gone up unfortunately. I have managed to find a few from charity shops etc, but most are from ebay. I have started concentrating on the colours or shapes that would enhance my collection and I’m willing to pay a bit more for these, over the common turquoise or peach varieties for instance. I don’t tend to collect any coloured stems, I prefer the clear stems with the coloured bases. if I find anywhere else to buy them from – I’ll let you know 😀

      1. How do you get them so clean? I’ve bought loads for my wedding centrepieces and some have water marks in them hcoh I need to get out,do you have any tips?

      2. Hi, do an ebay search for pipe cleaners and look for a tiny set of brushes, this is what I use. for anything still stuck right at the bottom, I bought a cheap pack of disposable wooden kebab skewers (from Morrisons I think) and put a little piece of tissue on the end and managed to clean the very bottom. A very small number of vases had very prominent white water marks that I couldn’t remove, despite trying a number of household cleaning products and vinegar etc, I read that they can become etched in the glass – no one seems to have provided any scientific explanation though?

  2. Hello,I love your collection,I’ve just started buying them to use as wedding centrepieces.i was just wondering how you clean the insides to get all the water marks off completely? Also,i may be selling some afyer my wedding,I have an unusual shape one and others you may be interested in 😉

    1. Hey thank your for you post. I bought a set of brushes of ebay – search for pipe cleaners. I think I paid £2 for a small set. However a small number of vases had really bad white water marks that just won’t come off. I tried vinegar and kitchen cleaning products on these and nothing worked. However the majority do clean ok.
      I started my collection because of my wedding in May 2013, however I never collected enough and in the end I used the old green bottles as stem/bud vases…but I continued to collect the vases after my wedding and still do to this day. So best of luck with you wedding planning.
      Yes I would be interested in buying some off you after you big day 🙂

  3. Hello again!
    We have decided not to use the bud vases for our wedding,so I have a job lot of 37 for sale 😀,if you are interested in looking at any how can I email you a photo?

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