At the end of April I ordered 3 dahlia tubers from garden4less. ( and reviewed them:

  1. Natalie G (Ball)
  2. Linda’s baby (Ball)
  3. Chocolate & Candy (Decorative)

See original post here:

I was dubious about the quality of 2 out of 3 of these tubers as they were either damaged or dryed out. However, all of them have grown, although the 2 damaged ones have grown slower than the healthy one.


  1. Natalie G (Ball)

The Natalie G tuber was damaged and when planted all the individual tubers did fall off. Despite this, the tuber has grown OK. It has produced quite a short plant as you can see from the photo, so hopefully it will produce a taller flower next year. It’s already got quite a few buds waiting to flower.

Natalie G 1Natalie G 4

IMG_5965-3 IMG_5966-4


2. Linda’s baby (Ball)

Linda’s Baby tuber was in great condition. This plant has grown at least twice as tall as the other 2 varieties of dahlias. After over 2 months in the ground, this has got quite a lot of buds on it and one looks close to flowering – though strangely it looks purple and not pink? So I’m hoping it does eventually open to produce a pink flower 🙂

Lindas Baby 1 Lindas Baby 5IMG_5967-5 IMG_5970-7


3. Chocolate & Candy (Decorative)

Both Chocolate & Candy Tubers were in poor condition, but I planted them both anyway in the same pot to see what happened. Over 2 months later, they have both produced plants, although they are quite short. There are no signs of flower buds yet, but it shouldn’t be long before they do.

Chocolate & Candy 1 Chocolate & Candy 5IMG_5962-1 IMG_5963-2


Overall, I am very happy with these 3 tubers and I can’t wait for them all to flower. Despite the condition of the tubers when they arrived, they have produced far healthier plants then the dahlia cuttings I bought from the National Dahlia Collection. So in future I will definitely buy dahlia tubers again and not cuttings.


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