Part 1: 7 Dahlia cuttings – from ‘National Dahlia Collection’

At last my Dahlia cuttings from the ‘National Dahlia Collection’ ( arrived 28th Apr 2014 and I was very excited! This is the first time I have purchased cuttings, as I have only grown dahlias from tubers.

I ordered 7 plants:

1. Alvas Doris (Small cactus)

Dahlia Alvas Doris (Small Cactus) 2603

2. Amberley Joan (Small Decorative)

Dahlia Amberley Joan (Small Decorative) 1016

3. Amorangi Joy (Small Cactus)

Dahlia Amorangi Joy (Small Cactus) 2725

4. Bergers Record (Medium Semi-Cactus)

Dahlia bergers-record (Medium Semi-Cactus) 3069

5. Dahlia Clair Obscur (Small Cactus)

Dahlia Clair Obscur (Small cactus) 2578

6. Firebrand (Small Cactus)

Dahlia bergers-record (Medium Semi-Cactus) 3069

7. Mini Red (Miniature Cactus)

Dahlia_Mini Red (Miniture Cactus) 2808

I ordered these in November and the estimated arrival was from mid-April till the end of May. They arrived 28th April 2014, so I was impressed with the delivery time.  They came in a cardboard box as little 1-2 inch square plug plants.

IMG_7983-1 IMG_7984-2 IMG_7985-3 IMG_7986-4 IMG_7987-5


As soon as they arrived, I unpacked them and potted them straight into a tray. 6 out of 7 dahlia cuttings looked well and healthy, but the Alvas Doris cuttings, seemed to have no roots and looked weak, limp and small. It seemed to deteriorate over the next 24 hours and I didn’t think it would grow, however it did, albeit very slowly!

7 Dahlia cuttings of varying heights and sizes in tray.


Dahlia Alvas Doris cutting looking very limp after unpacking!IMG_7990-8 IMG_7991-9 IMG_7992-10


See Part 2 for an update on how the cuttings are getting on!


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