Product review – “garden4less” 3 dahlia tubers (Natalie G, Linda’s Baby, Chocolate & Candy)

I decided to buy another 3 dahlias, as I wanted some more Ball/decorative dahlias in Pink/Coral colours. So I ordered 3 dahlia tubers from garden4less. (

1. Natalie G (Ball)

Dahlia-Natalie G (Ball)

2. Linda’s baby (Ball)

Dahlia-lindas-baby (Ball)

3. Chocolate & Candy (Decorative)

Dahlia-chocolate & candy (Decorative)

My order came very quickly, so I was impressed with the delivery/processing times.

However one item was out of stock (Natalie G) and one item looked in bad condition and had no signs of tuber eyes (Chocolate & Candy). So I emailed and explained I was disappointed to only have 1 viable tuber. That same day I received a phone call apologising and they said all 3 tubers were now in stock and they would send all 3 out to me again free of charge. I thought this was fantastic customer service and less than 48 hours later I received my replacement.

All tubers are supplied by ‘Taylors’ and I opened all 3 tubers with eager anticipation. The ‘Linda’s baby’ tuber from the 1st and 2nd lot are in great healthy condition with visible eyes. However the other 2 varieties are not great, especially the ‘Chocolate & Candy’ Tubers, neither have eyes, both have damaged tuber stems and the replacement is shriveled as if the tubers have dried out. This is the first time I have seen shriveled wrinkled tubers.

I decided to plant them all this morning:

2 x Linda’s Baby (both great condition)

Lindas Baby 1Lindas Baby 5 Lindas Baby 3

2 x chocolate & candy (both poor condition, with replacement tuber shrivelled)

Chocolate & Candy 1Chocolate & Candy 4 Chocolate & Candy 5

1 x Natalie G (broken tuber stems)

Natalie G 1 Natalie G 2 Natalie G 4

So we will wait and see what happens – see if they grow any eyes?

I’m not impressed with the quality of these tubers and I’m not sure if that is ‘Taylors’ fault or whether the fault lies with ‘Garden4less’ for not quality checking their products? Either way I probably wouldn’t order again, but we will wait and see if they grow before deciding.

Of note: damaged tuber stems can still grow as the tuber I reviewed from Wilkinsons also had damaged tuber stems, however it did have eyes, and these tuber eyes seem to be growing well.

I’m not as confident about these though as there are no visible eyes on the ‘Natalie G’ or ‘Chocolate & Candy’ dahlia tubers.

See progress update here: NOT GOOD RESULTS!


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