17 Apr 2014 – New tubers – Purple Gem (Cactus) & Natal Red (Pompom)

My excitement at waiting for the 7 new Dahlia cuttings I ordered in November was too much, so I impulsed bought 2 new tubers whilst I was waiting for the cuttings to arrive. I bought:

1 x Purple gem (Cactus) Dahlia from ebay.co.uk

1 x Natal Red (Pompom) Dahlia from Wilkinsons online.



The tuber for the Purple Gem Dahlia from ebay was in very good condition but huge and looked to have at least 7 eyes, so I decided to split it right down the central stem using a sharp knife and then I put the 2 large tubers in separate 8 inch pots indoors. After a few days the eyes on both tubers seem to be developing and I hoping in a week or so they develop some shoots.




The Dahlia Natal Red (Pompom) tuber was only £1 from Wilkinsons and again was quite large with a lot of tubers. However a lot of the tuber stems were damaged and broken. Also their website photo was quite different to the photo on the actual packet. Their website showed hints of blue which made me intrigued as I’d read that Dahlias grow in every colour except blue! It looks like one of their marketing/sales or web developers has become a little giddy on photoshop!

ImageDahlia Natal g

Anyway, I planted the tuber whole in 1 pot 2 days ago and it looks to have 9-10 eyes, however none of them have changed since I potted the tuber. So I am going to wait and see what happens because as I mentioned a lot of the tubers stems were damaged.

ImageDahlia Natal b2Dahlia Natal c2

So now I just have to wait and stop myself from buying anymore tubers or cuttings as my back yard is tiny! Its about the size of a single bedroom.



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